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Jade Bangle Fitting: How to put on Jade Bracelets

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Written By: Wai Yan
21 October 2017


Here are the steps to easily fit your new jade bangle. In the following demonstration, a 57mm bangle is used to fit a palm that measured 70mm using the method shown in this measuring guide. For a tight fitting, it's best to perform away from hot environments. Body swelling caused by hot weather may make the procedure difficult.   

Step 1: Lubricate (Optional)

On the side of the hand you're planning to wear the Jade Bangle, apply moisturiser or body lotion onto your palm, wrist, and around the knuckles to ease the fitting.

Step 2: Massage

Place your hand in a relaxed and open position with your palm facing up. Reach the bottom of your little finger (on the crease) with the tip of your thumb resembling the number four hand gesture as pictured above.

Step 3: Position your fingers

Fold your thumb toward your little finger and place the bangle into your palm.

A women's hand on the white background with a jade bangle fitted partially through her hand.

Step 4: Pull the Jade Bangle

Using your other thumb to apply pressure on knuckle of the thumb of the hand that you're wearing the bangle on. At the same time, using the index finger, pull the bangle in towards your wrist.


You have successfully fitted your jade bangle. We hope it brings you great joy along with fortune and protection to your health. If you have any problems fitting, please contact us and we will assist you in any way possible.


Would I feel pain when fitting a Jade Bangle?

Sometimes. It depends of what sort of fitment you're after; a tight fitment would usually cause some discomfort. 

Can the Jade Bangle break if I use force?

No. Natural Jadeite Jade is very tough. It's more likely to hurt yourself by asserting too much pressure than cause the bangle to break. Do exercise caution when fitting thin style jade bangle bracelets.

Which arm should I wear a Jade Bangle on?

Most people choose to wear their jade bangles on the left arm because it's closest to the heart but it's entirely a personal preference.

About the Author
Wai was born and raised in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma). Trained by the Gemmological Association of Australia, he is a qualified Gemologist and a fellow of the GAA. Throughout his life, he has been in constant contact with gemstones and jewellery through the family business and has been fascinated by the beauty and rarity of them all. He is now operating a branch of the business in Australia, supplying all kinds of gemstones especially of Burmese origin to international markets.

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